What was your first PC game?

mine: CnC: Red Alert 2, sucked at it but i enjoyed it

My first real game (fullscreen/directX) was.... I'm embarrassed to say this..... Spore. 

Seems really recent but I'm only 15

Dark Castle. Circa 1986 on the original Mac that my mother bought for the house.

Sad to say it was probably the first Street Fighter. It was horrible. Coming from the Amiga with games like Budokan it felt much like the shitty console port that it was.

Either Leisure Suit Larry 1 or Alley Cat, can't remember clearly I was about 5 back then.

Speedy eggbert 

Aldo's Adventure - MS DOS


SimCity 3000. First played it when I was 6, I think. In 2002.

I think my first PC game was a demo of a Lord of the Rings game on Windows XP. I never really got into PC gaming until around February of 2013. Couldn't afford gaming devices back then. Still can't afford it, but I splurge whenever I can.

The Apple 2E. Cohan: Hall of Volta




Gmod on Fedora Linux...

Counter Strike Global Offensive!

Star Crusader. It was take 2's rip off of Wing commander. I loved it though.

Age Of Mythology, and RollerCoaster Tycoon (the first one) on the shitty Dell family computer lol. Oh man I was young...I loved to play that game as much as I loved to play Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 64

Other than the educational stuff I don't remember I think mine was quake 2. I remember when I was like 6ish me and my dad set up lan games with me on an old 98 and him on his xp, those were the days. 

Well I am not going to say what my first PC game was because like others I don't really remember or want to count it because it was some learning game for little kids. For the years that followed I played a bunch of games on one of the older massive brick PS2 consoles that my uncle gave me for Christmas, first game was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (still haven't finished it. Still fun though). In the 5th or 6th grade though I got like 20$ or 30$ bucks from my dad to get some books from my school's book fair =) I did get a book...but I also returned home with a copy of Age of Mythology the Titan Expansion and some comic books. I have no clue why they were selling computer games at the book fair but they got their money and I got my first real PC game. I played that game for so many hours it's ridiculous and the in-game creation tools were amazing you could make your own game inside of the game.

Thank you I completely forgot about that... I started out with Age of Mythology and Roller Coaster Tycoon as well, I didn't remember the Roller Coaster game you just reminded me. I used to make people so sick on my rides everybody in the park had green faces =) My dad bought a Dell PC for the family but that quickly become "mine" once I started playing computer games. It's funny how the hard drive space that was in that computer would only be able to fit one AAA game today.

Worms Armageddon. And I still have it installed on my current PC because the devs were good enough to update it for modern PC's :)

This brings me back to the days of my shitty PC running Windows 98. Pentium 1 200Mhz, 32mb RAM, 2Gb HDD :D

Worms Armageddon was one of two games that would run on that monster. The other one was F22 Lightning II. I didn't even have any speakers so I had to make up characters for my worms in my head. It turned out to be a better experience because I would create scenarios and stories for my worms. They all head a unique personality and I grew really fond of them. And I would control all the teams myself to create a story. It was really fun. To this day I can't enjoy Worms with voices.

But I spent most of my time making animations in PowerPoint and drawing stuff in Paint. I was a child and the PC was the most awesome toy in the world. It still is.

Some questing game on what i believe was a atari pc.Second was a game on a floppy for Apple 2e. Your are a ship on the ocean and have to shoot down stuff. Very Space invaders like. The third one that really kicked in the pc gaming passion was Silent Steel for win95. Somehow i missed the commodore stuff. I think there was some Tandy stuff in there too but nothing sticks out. You guys make me feel old. :)~