What was your first Computer?

I would like to know of The Staff and Community's first Computers


My first Computer was a Dell Mini 9. JK :P But dispite my username, my first Computer was a 486-DX Memorex Telex and it ran Windows 3.1 and I found out that I could upgrade it to 1GB of EDO RAM and that's pretty much like putting a 20 gallon tank on a Moped.

Macintosh Performa I think.  Monitor sat on top of the case and I basically only played DOOM on it.


  • Socket 8087
  • 640KB RAM
  • 10MB HDD
  • 16 Colour CGA
  • Games: GP, Blockout erm, too many beers ago to remember much more.

This was my first computer Sinclair ZX spectrum 128K

Games - Nifty Lifty, Dizzy, Myth and I coded games in basic using books from library

Spec 128K

<I haev no pix since its prolly very far away from me>

Pentium 1 - 133mhz

16 mb ram

riva tnt

windows 3.11 and 95 later on, and even 98.

I Think i played Doom 95 on that one aswell.



But I feel young if I look at the other posts. Very young.

First was a hand-me-down Commodore 64 and it was the family computer... I had a lot of fun playing "Defender of the Crown" XD

i had a acorn with a tape deck i forget the name it was about 27 years ago then moved onto the amiga 500+ which i still have it in the loft somewhere with like 5000 copyed games lol

that's exactly what i had.  Also with a SCSI 10000rpm 10gb hdd.  Those drives were monsters during their time.

That drive must have cost some serious money back in the day!

my first computer would be a commodore64, played for about 6 to 7 years on that thing :D, kinda set the tone for me LOL. then got myself an Amiga 500, then an Amiga 1200 and for my 18th birthday i bought a Amiga 4000/60. all 3 of them are still connected and running. After the Amiga 4000 i bought my first IBM compatible computer. an intel 486 dx2 iirc. running at a whopping 66Mhx :O. didn't skip a generation of intel cpu's till the pentium 4. never owned a intel P4. actually from the point of the pentium 4 i was hooked on AMD :X. now to explain why i stayed loyal to the motorola powered amiga's , for gaming they were the bomb. the graphical power of these beasts was amazing. to give an idea. on some expo (can't remember the name of it) the IBM booth had a 18screen video wall (back then a huge thing) and that video wall was fed video data by an Amiga 4000 :O. fastest and newest pc i got here now is an AMD fx8350. running at stock (4Ghz) over the line of 20 years from 66Mhz to 4Ghz. add another 10 years to that and ur at 1Mhz (if google is correct)

Amiga 600 also got the additional 1MB upgrade kit, taking it to a total of 2MB :O

I had something.....xD

mine was an old AMD K6 with a 3Gb hard drive and 256 megs of PC66 RAM and an old ATI RAGE 128 AGP card. i used it to make epilepsy inducing GIFs and stuff like that.

My very first computer was a Dell Optiplex 740 running an AM2 Athlon II processor. I threw a GTX 550Ti in for the hell of it. I was using that thing up until about a year ago when the motherboard blew out. Now I have a glorious machine and it makes me happy.

I'm so envious of those who had the opportunity to use retro computers in their time. It must have been a real trip and a far better introduction to programming and computer science than the dumbed down "ease-of-use" generation computers of today.

My dad had a Commodore 64 before I was around I think. The first computer I used was one he built consisting of a Pentium II 266 and a 3DFX Voodoo3 3000(If memory serves me correctly).

The first computer I built myself when i was 13-14 was Contained in the classic X-Blade case. It had 1x1GB of DDR2 667, a Core 2 Duo E6400, a Palit Nvidia 7300 LE all connected to an ASUS P5V-VM SE DH and I was pretty proud of it.

I saw a ZX Spectrum a couple of months ago for £20 and I am kicking myself for not picking it up...

My family got a Dell desktop in 2003, all I remember was it very slow and ran Windows XP. Last year I got an Acer Aspire One 10.1" netbook. I hate it. It's slow as crap. But 2 months ago I build myself a gaming desktop with the help of Logan from his build a pc video!

near enough the same as 2bd, my parents got me a dell desktop around 2003-2005, absolutely terrible, I used to use it to warm my feet in the winters, it was slow......like.........VERY VERY SLOW. 2 christmasses ago  I got myself a hp pavillion g6, which to be fair had moderately decent specs, but the thing overheats like crazy, ive had to constantly open it up and put the ram back in place, and the battery lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes, and the screen dimms if its not plugged in, so I got sick and tired of that, and built myself a pc, (specs on my profile)

My first one was an old iMac G3...man, that thing couldn't even connect to the internet. I still wonder, to this day, what I did all day on that thing.

Acorn BBC Micro B