What was wrong with that motherboard?

Hi pc:

12900K with NZXT KRAKEN X73


RTX 3090 Ti Gigabyte

Aorus Z690 Elite DDR4 < second

Seasonic PX 1300 Prime Platinum

Whenever i turn it on all the leds and fans turn on for a half second then turn back off again, repeat, and the same forever… I cleared CMOS battery. Unplugged GPU. Removed 1 stick memory the same.’
Just motherboard dont wanna boot. It stuck with boot loop. ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF. And psu was clicking too.

Also reseated cpu and still nothing. Pins was ok.

My friend come with hes mobo Asrock Z690 and all parts working fine with hes mobo. So i went to shop and they exchanged me Aorus Elite Z690 to other example and second Aorus Elite Z690 motherboard booted fine.

And my question. My first motherboard ( Aorus Elite Z690 ) was just faulty? Or maybe it was bios issue? ( older in this example ? )

The PSU clicking sounds like overcurrent protection kicking in, caused by an electrical short.

That is if the system starts to boot up, but the PSU clicks and shuts down.

It is handy boards are coming with the two digit error display, in case of bad ram, bad CPU or overheating. But a short would shut down the power before it even gets that far, but I guess not in your case

So why in new motherboard was ok?

I mean I suspect the short was on the board somewhere.

Like you said, you tested all the other parts in another system…

And I could well be wrong, but if the PSU was faulty, it wouldn’t work with the other board.
Like, the clock is a good thing; showing the PSU did it’s job.

Of course, this is just me guessing on the clues. More of a maybe why it shut down, rather than which particular area of the board was shorting or how.

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theres no way to know as you returned the board and didnt test it to see where the error was.
you got a replacement that works.
so assume the first one was broken which 3-5 in every 100 are.

but like i said there’s no way to know as you have returned the board.
yes it could be a bad bios, yes it could be a broken component.
the click on the psu was likely the psu protecting itself and the rest of your system.

you could speculate but in the end it will be a guess as to what was the issue.


Likely but we will never know since you don’t have it anymore.

There for discussing this issue any further doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
Because it cannot be answered.

I’m going to lock this topic, enjoy your working setup.

Grtz Angel.

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