What vpn should I use?

Hello everyone, after watching the most recent tek my faith in tor has understandingly been shaken. So lately I hav been looking at vpn services and I can't really tell one from another as I don't have much experience in this field. So I was hoping you fine people might be able to help me in choosing one.

Here's some info about my situation.

I live in Canada, I mostly just browse webpages, read articles and spend a bit of time on YouTube... Okay alot of time on YouTube. Sometimes I will use currency exchange on Google or Bing and Google flights. I rarely use other video sites but sometimes it's necessary if I'm reading an article that has a video attached and it doesn't use YouTube's player. I would also prefer if it didn't empty my bank account.

For the most part I just don't want anyone to see what I'm doing because they should mind their own damn business.


Privateinternetaccess is good. Viper VPN as well. I got hotspotshield after seeing some promo codes for it. Although, its been tempormental so I think when it expires I'm going to pick up a subscription to private internet access.

I've heard private Internet access is good. I forgot to ask about flash player cause Ive also heard that using flash can cause you to loose your anonymity. While using tor I couldnt watch alot of videos due to the flash thing. so is there a workaround or some sort of method that vpn's use so you can watch videos? Cause I really like watching the tek :)

I suppose it depends on how flash reveals your IP but with a VPN if it is sending all your traffic over the tunnel then the only IPs which flash could be aware of are the local address of your LAN and the local address of the VPN and the public address of the VPN. So I don't think it would be possible for flash to know your public IP address.

I use torguard as my vpn and im pretty happy with it. I used to use vyper but they cancelled my subscription without warning and are able to link your account to your traffic which torguard doesn't

I have been using Mullvad for a while, and I am pretty happy with it. I used private internet access for a couple years before that and the performance is identical as far as I can tell. Mullvad do have fewer servers to choose from but the options that they do have are more than adequate. It is also nice that you can pay with bitcoin, or even cash, and never have to give them a single piece of personal information. Not even your email.

+1 for privateinternetaccess, has some premium features like "kill switch" for a budget price.