What updates should I avoid?

I am going to be installing Windows 7 on a computer soon and I wanted to know if anyone knew of a list of updates that relate to Windows 10 that I should avoid. I know that there are a couple that relate to the pop up and whatnot saying that you should upgrade. Does anyone know of any others?

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Install all of them? Unless you are paranoid.

For the more paranoid : KB3068708, KB3075249, KB3080149

WIndows 10 fuckery is: KB3035583 (though it might be different in Windows 7, this is from 8.1)


Thank you. Do you know what those do?

Google! I would link the articles, but I dunno where they are, those are just pulled from my updates to avoid for VMs file.

i posted a list of those particular updates you should not install on windows 7/8.x


KB3035583 <-- in particular is the Windows10 upgrader.

If some of those updates are installed on your system, then you can un-install them.


Do you know what each of those updates does?

collecting your shit mainaly :)

KB3035583 is the Windows10 upgrader.
KB2952664 is an upgrade advisor.

The rest are all related to telementary tracking.

That makes sense. Hate to be a doubting Thomas and ask you all these questions, but do you have sources for that?

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well i have not installed a single update for a while.
still no signs of any telementary tracking, nor windows 10 to be find.

That is the main goal here. I really don't want to turn on teh computer one day and find out that it decided to "upgrade" itself. Since the computer is for a customer, I am likely going to just turn off auto updates so that I don't have to worry about it after I hand it over to them. Risky, I know, but I don't have the time to manage their updates, but I can take care of a virus every now and then if needed. Will likely do some updates when that happens as well.

My updates have been off since I heard that W10 was going to become a recommended update soon.

more important to keep your sensitive applications upto date.
like browsers and plugins and whatnot.

Honestly, the most important thing is to keep the users from doing something stupid. Going to install adblock programs, tell them not to click suspicious links and hope for the best.

If you "hide" the update it stays hidden.

BUT... Microsoft keeps re-releasing the updates

You should make a running list somewhere (maybe a dedicated thread) of telemetry updates. Would help those of us who are a bit paranoid (ie most people on this forum) from being terrified of every update.

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i would only upgrade to windows 10 if i could get my hands on an Enterprise version.
Enterprise seems to give you full control of updates, and it should also be possible to disable most of the telementary tracking.
But yeah it will probably be hard to get your hands on enterprise.
Unless your a student.

I dont have any problems with telementary tracking in the home free to upgrade versions.
But if i have to pay for a pro version, i want full control of the OS, and not share anything i dont want to share simple is that.

On a local network, can't you have the systems only refer to a local copy of the update files? I don't know if that is a thing that can be done, but it seems that I remember someone mentioning that being a way of doing what you are doing (ie handling updates on a large scale so you don't have to redownload it a ton of times). That would make your job easier if you aren't doing it already.

Honestly, I want to avoid microsoft as much as possible. I am tired of their shenanigans. If only gaming on linux was viable, and I had the time. Likely going to switch to linux for my daily driver and keep either W7 or W10 around for games.

Thats basicly the best bett.
Gaming on linux simply isnt realy there yet.
You could go with a KVM, or Dual boot basicly.