What type of gamer are you?

Interesting to see if a lot of the community have similar tastes. You can skip creating a profile at the end of the questionnaire.


I think my results don't truly show what I like. Because I prefer co-op over competitive, action percentage was lowered and social was raised.



Thug Life

I basically like to satisfy my deranged blood lust in Video games. I'll load up a game of Skyrim just to go turn on god mode and continue go on a rampage for the sheer fun of it.

Hopefully mine worked. Got an error when trying to generate the diagram, but then reloaded and it processed.

Action-Oriented, Spontaneous, Social, Deeply Immersed, and Creative

To put some perspective on this - I'm a big rpg, mmorpg, rts (and turn-based strategy) fan. I hardly ever play fps or super competitive games.

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you receive a starfleet communicator


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Drunk gamer most of the time >_>


looks like a failed hadouken :P


There is something missing from this, Playing for enjoyment

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Dont know why, but i have totally never thought about what sort of gamer i was. very interesting. Can anyone guess my favorite game?

I'll post this now and try again in a few months to see if the test gets a bit more accurate/in-depth.

KOTOR? Oblivion? Garrys Mod?

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wow you literally got my top 3...

Lol. That was my top three :)

I'll quite possibly be adding fallout 4 to that list soon as well. Hopefully. In Bethesda we trust.