What Type Is This?


I have a really old computer about 3-5 years old and I want to install a GPU to get multiple monitors, between 2-3 to be exact.

I'm good with PC's but I'm a consol gamer wanting to move to PC gaming in the near future (Not with my current build tho) so I don't know much about GPU's, My question is that my motherboard has a connection labeled PCI-Express but I want to know which type so that I can buy a graphics card to fit and what I need to look for to know if it's compatable with my current system...


Thanks in advance.


looks like an agp (next poster correct me if i'm wrong)


No, that is a PCI-E slot. ChrisPBacon2010 what is the make and model of your PC?

its a pcie x16 with a pcie 1x under it and 2 pci slots under that

link showing the info on that motherboard