What to Upgrade?

Hello all, 

I've recently gotten a job and am about to get my first paycheck. I would like to use this money to upgrade my PC. As of right now I have a 8350 for the CPU(stock cooler), 7870 for GPU and 1 23" Samsung monitor. Here are my choices as far as I can tell:

  • cooler for the CPU(could go for a closed loop liquid or a cheap air)
  • second 7870 to run in Xfire(750W Corsair AX PSU should be enough right?)
  • second monitor 

What I'm thinking of doing at the moment is buying a cheap air cooler for the CPU and then a second monitor. But that brings me to what the really hard decision is. Will a 7870 be able to play most of the games coming out this year. If the general consensus is no then I will probably just get a second 7870. Also I am open to any other suggestions for upgrades but I don't have a need for peripherals or storage...Apologies for taking so long to get to the point


A 7870 should be more than enough for a single monitor setup, but if you want to fully utilize that second screen, you might want another 7870. 

i'd say a single 7870 should be fine (i can't say for certain it'll be highest settings 60 fps, but i'm sure it'll be more than sufficant)

for the second monitor you wouldn't be gaming on it, so it shouldn't put much of any load on the card

for other upgrades i'd reccomend one of these for every spare usb port http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ede3/ and before you ask, yes that is an upgrade

A half decent cpu cooler would make your rig a lot cooler inside thats for sure. A 212 evo is dirt cheap and would be substantially better than stock cooling. I would personally lean towards a larger, higher res screen (27 or 29) over another 23' one even if it meant saving up a while longer. 

bigger monitor for the same among of pixels is not really interesting.

27" for 1920X1080 worth it if you're far from the screen (>=1.5m)

else, 23" is a better choice, as you already have a 23".