What to upgrade next...?

So, i'm in this rough spot where i have a good amount of money that i want to use for upgrading my PC, but i have no idea what to upgrade and if its justifiable. I'll list my current pc specs so you guys have something to work off of. I also do know an SSD is an obvious option. 


- i5 3350p @ 3.8Ghz

- Asrock z75 Pro 3

- Sapphire dual-x oc w/ boost 7970 1200/1700 @ 1.2v

- Kingston blu 2x4 8gb @ 1866

- Seagate barracuda 1tb HDD

- NZXT Phantom 410

- EVGA 600b PSU

If you're happy with your setup, don't change anything. I think a PC should do exactly what you want, and spending extra money for features you don't need is a waste. Buy something else, or even better, save your money.

Get a decent SSD and have fun.

Go for the obvious, SSD

naff all wrong with the rest of your PC and if it meets your needs, you dont find it underperforming anywhere no need to upgrade.

your CPU is ivybridge which isnt that old, you have...probably enough RAM, your GPU is plenty good enough (maybe upgrade that next year)
all you're lacking is an SSD

SSD would have the most impact.

ssd is the best next step

Now the real question is what is a decent SSD? I've heard good things about samsung and crucial. I've never owned an SSD so it would be a big jump and trying to figure out how to get 450gb of stuff off my HDD without having to reinstall every game/program. As far as capacity, i think 240-250gb would be good for me. I'd probably put all of the maps for BF4/COD on there to load fast. 

i would avoid ocz, i have 2 i got for raid and they fail to show up from time to time :\

even RMA/refurbished them. whateves

the samsung pro has been rock solid so far.

Go Samsung 840 Pro is you want the best

Go Samsung 840 Evo if you want a better deal.... still very good performance

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i got a samsung 840 evo ssd and so far it has been amazing. What you could do in terms of transferring it is split you hdd into 2 partions, have just windows and the game installs you want on your ssd on one partion and everything else in the other partion, then you can transfer that partion with windows and the games to the ssd, leaving everything else on the HDD

i quite like plextor SSDs although the M6S doesnt have the headline write speeds, reads are very good and...i dunno i just like plextor

intel make very good drives too if you want very reliable drives and good warranties without the fastest possible speeds

with regards to samsung...i dont even see 840 pros on sale here anymore, just evo

OCZ got an awful reputation for, i think it was, vertex 2 drives...

now that they're owned by toshiba though maybe things will turn around

Here is a quick question. What justifies the massive price leap between the pro and evo? Are there some benchmarks? I don't know because if it isn't a significant performance increase for all the extra money it seems kind of pointless to go with the pro.


any jump to SSD (good or poor performance) will be a noticeable decrease in boot  and load times from a mechanical drive.

all you can say for sure is everybody will have an opinion and different SSDs can have their plus points so it's down to preference ;)