What to study?

Hi guys, so the question is basicly the one in the title.Currently iam studying system engineer and iam not really sure about it, my main objective is khow how to program videogames and for what i have read the main way to learn is learning at your own but i wanted to khow if theres some professional carrer that help me out

Thanks for your time

PD:Not English native sorry if theres mistakes 

Please accept that I am not trying to be nasty or difficult but having known many people trying to break in to this line of work or the art or music of games etc. 

Unless you are living and breathing this from a young age, are very active in the gaming community ,know poeple, lucky and working on projects all the time you are going to find it hard to get a job that good.

Sorry just fed up seeing people disapointed so calling it how I see it.

If you'ce going to be a game developer, you need to know how to program. Before anything, just start learning how to program. The industry standard is C++ and DirectX, but I'm a C++/OpenGL/SDL fan myself.

Taking Computer Science would be your best bet as a line of study for programming video games. By doing this you can take modules such as computer graphics, artifical intelligence and linear algebra which will be very helpful for programming video games.