What to Look for in a video card?

Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm currently trying to build a gaMing rig and I'm asking what do you guys look for when choosing a good GPU? I'm probably goingntomspend 150 maybe 200

how much are you looking to spend? that has a lot to do with what you should be looking for.

I'm sorry for not putting it in the info. I think the most is around 150 maybe 200 if I can get the money.

The 7850 is around the pricepoint now, and so is the GTX660 if you can find a good sale on it, and theyll run 95% of games that are out maxed (not the best fps) and with Mid/High settings will run most games at 50+ Fps

Always buy aftermarket PCB's/coolers companies like MSI make them with little to no price differenciation from the whitepaper GPU's, this is my rule for the majority of rigs unless you're building an editing beast or workstation, in that case the reference GPU is far more desirable (josian2n's comment is why). Also don't buy above your skillset, example: buying an asus matrix card when all you're going to do is use MSI afterburner to OC, you're wasting the $50-$70 premium on the matrix that could have been spent on a better card or component. Other things are commonsense like pcb quality, cooling system, manufacturers warrenty.


if you ask me one thing you should look for is a gpu with a blower style cooler that ejects heat out of your case.. i have always had better temps with this type of cooler with the nvidia gpu's. Your gonna game so a gpu that can stay cool is very important... the cooler the temps the more stable the performance...