What To install Linux Fedora 27 Without desstorying My Windows Drive

Ok, I finally found a Linux Distro I like. Now after running Fedora in a Virtual Environment for about 3 months, I am ready to set up a dual boot environment, meaning using Windows for the few apps that need it. And Running Fedora 27 for everything else. I have run into some possible problems my hard drive which is where I want to install Fedora still has Windows programs on it, and I am afraid those files will cause a problem with the install since Linux and Windows use different file system and I don’t have any money to get a brand new laptop drive.

I got a chance to add more information to my post so here goes. The Laptop I am trying to install Fedora to is an Asus Rog G75vw. It has an Intel Core i7-3630QM with Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M for the GPU. The Asus ROG G75VW has an SSD with Windows 8.1 installed on it. There is also a hard drive installed with Windows Apps and programs installed.

Also, Can someone suggest a free open source program that would let me set to see if the hard drive will die anytime soon. The reason I ask is I took my Laptop to Micro Center to install some more ram into it. Just for the hell of it, they ran some sort of stress test software that reported the hard drive was starting to fail. I would like to run this test my self to verify what they told me on the phone.

I would say backup your stuff to an external drive… cause windows is bork some stuff in relation to linux on the same drive. Its something I generally avoid doing but it can be done. A few around here do so. They will show up soon.

if anything your data would be borked, not the drive itself. Also the filesystem is not the issue, it’s the bootloader and that can be repaired. In any case, back up the data before install and you can just reinstall if repair doesn’t work.

Aside from that, is there only one drive or two separate drives? If you have two drives you can just unplug the windows drive and install. plug it back in then choose boot device via UEFI/BIOS.

Yes There are two drives installed in my laptop. I have decided I am going to backup the files on my hard drive and disconnect the cable for the Windows drive, then just install Fedora.