What to get

Well, my birthday is coming up and I want a new Graphics card.

UNFORTUNATELY, my power supply is not big enough to support a good one, and my case is too small.

So if you haven't figured it out,

can you guys please recommend a new case, power supply, and graphics card (preferably a 8800 gt series) that wouldn't be too expensive,

I will be asking for these from SEPERATE PEOPLE by the way.

8800gt? I just laughed a bit You want to head towards the 9/GTX series if anything.. if you're going nvidia, and towards the 4800 for ATiI suggest picking up a 9800GT if you're real tight on space and perhaps a 9800GTX/+ or a GTX260Or for Ati a 4850 cause those are pretty energy efficient and small as far as space goes..Â

well first of all you need to post your specs yo.

and the hd4670 doesn't use the power from the PSU, sooo... ummm... lol.... you might need a psu atleast 400watt lol. its only like 50 bucks. 8800 is old btw... try to invest in something a little more like the 4850/70 or 9800gtx

and for the case, try to go with something solid... antec 300, coolermaster 590/690, etc.

erm... i'm planning on getting a NEW CASE so SPACE ISN'T A PROBLEM. i have a 450ww power supply that can't run anything better than what i already have (8400 gs) and i've seen the 8800 stats and it looks like the best bang for the buck.

quoting stupidity problem, this is responding to KikkoMan's post


2.5 gigs of ddr2 ram

currently have a 450ww power supply (i believe)

2.8 GHz dual core

and.. yeah it think that's all you'd need

it's an emachines so it's an emachines case..

its not worth upgrading tbh, you can always just get a psu with a 4850.... but not worth upgrading an emachines desktop.

Just buy a new PC.

how much do you plan to milk out of people?

well... let's try this... what is your budget?

If you have a 450W, a 9800GTX+ will run fine. Just use the molex to 6 pin.

Actually, get an 8800GTS.


No, listen to logan, build a new PC.
It would be better to wait to save the cash then to blow what you have now on something that wont last.

I dont think the 8800gt is the best bang for buck i would personally say that the 4770 is the way to go atm very powerful for such a tiny card

Instead of 4870, go 4890.. almost same price, better performance.
I still regret on this GTX260 lol, bought it a week before the GTX 275 came out.. Buut I needed it, had lanparty that weekend

the new pc option is sounding pretty good i shiver at the thought of emachines but i understand your trying to deal with what you got... if you do decide to go this route i would ask for things like a case, power supply and maybe ram? or harddrive because if it takes you a while to come up with the money for the rest, parts like these are not going to change as much in price over time compared to videos cards or processors motherboards etc..

soooo, whats the budget hallflukai?

u buy something today and after a coule o months u'll be like, 'Oh man i should have waited, could have bought that better thing at the same price'.. wait for the 40nm!!

Get the Gigabyte HD 4850 with passive heat sink and 1GB memory. Â Ive seen it in action on crysis warhead, and it owned, even with 8x antialiasing there wasnt a big drop in FPS, which is stunning. Â The machine had a core 2 duo E8400 or E8500 and 8GB ram.

but thats always the case when it comes to computers :P

i know man, i hate it! i feel exactly that now.. i could have bought a GTS250 for the price of my 9600GT now! ah well, it still plays all the games well on my 19" LCD 1440*900....will upgrade to the 40nm GT300s..