What to du whit a window product key

what to du whit a window product key i have the product key on the side of my old pc but i dont have the install disk can i just pirate a window vista and but the key in to make it genuin or i cant

And also, if you're going to talk about pirating "a window vista",[color=green] I suggest you drop that topic or this thread will be locked.[/color]

ok but i waunt to know what i could use the produict key

Well, if you're talking about using the Windows Vista license, that's basically what you paid for, so as far as my understanding goes, getting a Windows Vista ISO, from anywhere, and then using your product key is not "pirating" at all, and should be perfectly legal.

so it would work getting the window vista iso from anywhere and than use the product key from the old acer apire to make it legit window i wounted to know if it work because my acer aspire dieĀ 

Actually, yeah. Getting a copy of a "clean" Vista ISO from elsewhere should be fine. And you could reuse the key if you have it with you. So this should be legal and fine.

ok thansk that all i neeted to know i love this communety but how do i mark this a solve

they don't exist

You could use it to start a campfire...maybe roast some marshmellows. You know, "Get your moneys worth" and all that.

just don't get the iso from piratebay, you never know what sorts of malware they pack into the install.

Where should one get ISO then?