What to do with Old MacG3 ~thingy

I got an old MacG3 dinger for free... works perfectly and has some great software Adobe Suite etc. Have no idea what to do with it, on the edge of just throwing it away because I can't (too heavy) ship it if I were to somehow be able to sell it online.


Any ideas on what to do with it? I have 5 other Windows based workstations, gaming rigs etc. This thing is a dinosaur against my modern and futuristic transformers here.

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Put Linux/BSD on it and learn some stuff, you could use it as a NAS, firewall too. If that dosen't interest you, donate it to a school. 

Mail box is neat though.

If have to get rid of it please recycle.

I guted one and installed modern PC components in it for a sweet LAN rig.

I'd say keep the case, you can pitch the hardware (maybe keep the processor module as a nice decoration) the only thing of real value in old PPC Macs are their cases

target practice...but i did like the mailbox idea. thats pretty cool if your crafty enough

Turning it into a mini/lan rig would be pretty sweet.  I have a g5 I'm still trying to figure out what to do with.

I have an old G4 MDD with leopard. I'd install Linux on it... or turn it into a grill

If I press the power button do cats fly out of it?