What to do with old graphics cards

Hey when I sold my Gtx 760, I got my buyer's old 9800 GTX+ (referance Galaxy model)

My question is what should I do with it?

Should I use it as a coffee mug coaster like in all of Tek Syndicate's Kill Your Console videos:


I already know that Logan will probably want this to go die in a fire due to its twin sister being the 9800 GTX trying to sue Logan's pants off...

So what should I do with this outdated card???


Personally.... I really want a graphics card coaster. I, on multiple occasions, have thought about removing my EVGA GTX760 just to have somewhere to put my coffee.....

you could also hang it on the wall (call me weird but I used to have a disassembled laptop all over my wall)


Occasionally I'll sell the card I'm replacing, but generally mine tend to go into my other systems upon upgrading.  What was in my main desktop goes into my media/mame pc.  What was in my media pc goes in a box in the closet just in case I need a spare.  What was in the box I take to my moms and put it in her pc.  What was in my mom's pc goes into my server.  What was in the server either gets cast into the box of misfit parts, or given away.    That way everything gets upgraded on a regular basis, and nothing gets wasted.

Works for me.

Or you could use it as a coaster.

Armor plating. 

I had an old nVidia GT240 that's fan died and it kept overheating. I decided to shoot it. Amazing how well it stopped .22LR HP. None of them got through the PCB which I found surprising. So if you had a few of them together or if they were a bit bigger with better coolers it may give you some protection. 

(I do not condone using a GPU as body armor. Don't shoot at each other thats dumb)

or a coaster.

ln2 oc

Subject for your new thermite recipe.


Hybrid Physx. Or if you don't have an AMD GPU give it to someone who does so they can enjoy Physx with AMD.