What to do with my old PC? (solved)

I have had my gaming rig for some time now but still keeping hold of my old desktop. I want to ask what could i make use of it for? I have tried FreeNAS to just get to know it a little better however then found it will not boot to usb so my efforts proved somewhat pointless. Just ideas would be fantastic for things i can search up and try out. 


If you comment now it may be some time before i see it but thanks to all who have commented already with ideas. 

Game server?

My old PC hosts a minecraft server for me and my friends.

Used one to test a new thermite recipe.

Media server/ stand alone router ;)


Game Server sounds good, or install linux/Ubuntu on it and use it to learn how to.

media server is very useful... especially if you have a lot of people in your house and/or a living room TV that you can network.

Donate it to a kid that needs one ... that's what I do with all of mine.

Pfsense box. 


I see that game servers, media servers and routers are popping up allot. 

Media server sounds interesting, does anyone have any recommendations of software (Windows or Linux). And the idea of the router i like very much but is not very practical for a 3.5Mbit internet and i am the only power use in my house using internet, Though saying that i may just install it to play around and see what things do what :) 


Lastly the idea of giving away the PC is quite good, only problem is...it isnt really in a good enough state for someone to use it (missing power button, USB ports no longer works etc...) so even if it were gifted it would still be kinda ...well rubbish :( 

If you want to boot to USB use plop Linux, burn it to a CD, plug in your USB, boot to the disk, select plop boot manager and then finally select usb

+1 Best use for old PC. Dont forget to include wifi card so they can learn to "get" free Internet.

I use Plex as a server to organise all of my media. I mostly use plex home theatre as a client as well, but do have xbmc running on one computer (client) and my TV is DLNA compatible so it can access the server as well.

I keep my old pc's in the corner unless I have a friend that needs one. My ex still has my beast gaming pc working strong thats 12 year old now. 

Im lucky I dont upgrade to often or I would be burried in tek


having a quick look at the site for plex it looks quite good. thanks for the idea! :) 

This may be very useful thank you! 

Thank you to all that commented, think i have enough to keep me going for a bit now to tinker with :D. Shall be fun working out how to work all this stuff (and working out why its broken haha)