What to do with an old tablet?

So I am finally upgrading my old 2012 N7 to the 2013 N7 (staying with the N7s cause there isn't anything quite like them). And I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should do with my old one (no, its not going to be sold because its not worth selling). So, any ideas?

  1. Rig it up to your car stereo.
  2. Turn it into a security camera.
  3. Mount it on the wall and use it as a clock.
  4. Eat it.
  5. Use it as a coaster (Logan's got his 9800GX2, why not use a tablet?)
    • You could even display a coffee/tea stain on the screen.
  6. Mess about with cyanogenmod.


Use it for the apps that don't benefit from the fasternesses and higher resolutions ect. since storage space is limited.

Get a lamp arm and mount it to the back of tablet. Then mount the tablet to a wall near your bed. You now have a screen that you move right in front of your face to watch while laying in bed. Also could be used as an alarm clock when not watching something. Get a usb extension cord as well and run it down the length of the lamp arm, now you don't have to worry about power.


Offensive Security have a cool project called NetHunter that allows you to get some Kali goodness on there. Allows you to install pretty much whatever Kali packages you want (as long as they're ARM compatible). https://www.kali.org/kali-linux-nethunter/

Makes a excellent desk phone. If it has bluetooth, even better.

I used my old tablet for a sim racing dashboard

This thread reminds me that I have an HP Touchpad to try and get working again and even if I get it up and running again I am not sure there is much use to it anymore with HP shutting down their store and while I already have Android on it I doubt there are updates for the tablet to make anything better. Hey if it doesn't end up being used for anything I have a coaster for my drink when watching The Tek and more now.

Move it to CM.

I've done cyanogenmod before didn't like it (very buggy)

Cyangenmod isn't very good for any platform. Had it on my phone. Constant restarts, AWFUL battery. Anyway, I would just tinker about. Install alternate ROMs, like liquidsmooth, if it is available. Take it apart for fun. If nothing works out: coaster!

Try it again, they've fixed a lot. When was the last time you used CM?

I'd like to know the last time, and what version you were using. Was it an official build?

Last time used it was version 10

Yea, that's what I was thinking. Would you mind trying out 11, or 12, if your device supports it?

Both 11, and 12 are available for your device.


I really feel if you try out the new versions, you'll see how far they've come. Battery life has been significantly improved, lockups are minimal to non-existant, and the ability to customise with Theme Engine is beyond belief. I'm sure you know how to flash already, but please do remember, if you want to Flash a CM12 build (Android 5.0.1), you'll need to use TWRP.

The problem is (and this is the reason I am replacing my N7 with the newer one) lollipop is too heavy for the derpy little cortex-A9 tegra. Anything based on lollipop will be too much for my tablet to handle, if cyanogenmod somehow made the lollipop AOSP base lighter then maybe.

Use a CM11 (Android 4.4.4 based) build.

Direct Download of the latest build> Here

Stable CM11 Build list> Here

On top of CM11, use a Lollipop theme.