What to do with AMD Phenom II 965 BE

I have my cpu left over from my old build, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.replaced it with an FX 6300 and I do not have enough parts to piece it together into a new system.  I would like to sell it but i do not think that would be a realistic thing to expect.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Build a secondary pc?

sell it?

The 965 is still a perfectly good, gaming capable CPU. It actually competes with the 6300 in some ways. Someone might pick it up at a reasonable price. Or you source cheap parts, like a 7770GHz, and make a second PC. Might be good for some local multiplayer.

  • sell it
  • turn it into a keychain
  • just keep it on your desk for show or maybe encase it in acrilic/plastic/resin/lucite and make a nice paperweight/ show piece

Thanks for the help guys. I will probably end up making a secondary build with it and use it as a HTPC or something like that.

PII 965 BE is not that far off in single threaded performance from FX 6300.

You could build another PC, sell it, OR even better give it to someone. Like younger brother, etc.

Depending on which mobo you have right now, i would say go a step higher upgrade to a FX8320 or FX8350.

I had one and resold, it in a build i put together from spare parts, on craigslist.


build an extreme OC'ing rig and cool it with liquid helium.