What to do with all this storage

what should i do? i have all my games downloaded, all my music, . i have my own funny picture library, and i still have 2,200 gbs of free storage. i do have lots of movies siting around in DVD form. but at best that will take 100 gbs   

... in my state it's not legal :( to rip them. 

then i can


my house gets all the channels 

i get BBC America so i can record days worth of top gear  

got full backups of all the other computers in your house? (laptop, tablet, phone)

already done

2,568 gbs of storage in my system

 and i have a 320 hdd i could throw in too 

i'm at a loss for what to do with so much storage 


all of your stuff only takes up ~300gb?

ya, i know it's sad


i more or less cloned my laptop into my tower and transferred my iTunes and steam account over as well


Put important files and documents from it not only movies ,in Helsinki where i am managing an microsoft dynamics crm i can say my 100 gbs storage is not really enough but if got that for sure i will save a lot of important files/

Rent out the space to the nsa for meta data collecting...

Download blu-ray rips. That'll chew through the space pretty quick. Heaps of crap about to hoard.