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What to do with a spare PC?

Hello, good day. I am an enthusiast that likes to build PC. I have an spare PC and I do not know what to do with it. I have already made a pfsense, freenas and ubuntu server.

Any thought, thanks.

Do you have a LAN party PC? What parts are you carrying over?

If your ever interested in obscure OS’s or even a freeware BIOS

PC for TV? I’m a build l0ver myself and i l0ve having multiple rigs having their own dedicated tasks.

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Separate Linux desktop for work and gaming PC?
Failover for your server?

option a sell it/give it away
option b learn from it by installing and playing with every os you can think of and doing things with it that maybe will screw up the os but you can learn from. like installing a hyper visor and running 2 vm’s with pci e pass through to one while say overclocking in the other.

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If it’s worth more than $100 then sell it. If you have no use for it and it isn’t worth much then maybe donate it.

Or you could make a video going all ‘Office Space’ on it. I remember walking through an empty lot in Anchorage and seeing a massive copier that met a similar fate. Too bad there wasn’t a video of it.


If it’s a 64bit system with 4GB of RAM, you can do a lot. If it’s much older, 32bit only, DDR2 or earlier, or whatever, your options are limited.

A Linux system is a good option. Tinker around, use it for retro stuff, learn, etc.

If none of that interests you, get rid of it. Sell it or give it to some young kid who doesn’t have a computer of their own yet. If you give it away, wipe the drive (dd zero it out is adequate), and reinstall a fresh copy of the OS so that it’s ready to go and the next user can get up and running with it. Bonus points for dual boot with Ubuntu (Ubuntu specifically in this case because it’s the most common Linux). You don’t want to give a kid with nothing a system that he has to install himself - it won’t be used.

give it to the senior community center so they can add to the old people on facebook hilarity

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Create a Kodi machine and watch movies and stuff on it.