What to do with a i5 6600k CPU

Hey tek,

I want to build a PC (because im bored) and i have a i5 6600k Cpu and wanted some ideas on what i can use an extra computer for. Just throw all your ideas on what a bored kid can do with some extra components.


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sell it is one option. money always has lots of uses.

you could also build a nas or small server or a portable rig/laptop for lans and other on the go computer needs.

Sell it and get i7/hexacore master race.

Pff, looser. 16 cores or bust!

Ok seriously, 6600k is a gaming CPU. Pair it with that tiny gigabyte 1070 and build a miniature LAN rig.

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I got the i7 6700k for my desktop because the i5 wasnt doing Visualization with enough performance to do... anything i wanted to do really :P

Yea I'm just sick of people complaining about not able to stream fully while on quad core! Dudes shoulda pick i7 in the first place.

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steambox and htpc . Emulator machine or anything that can benefit from high ipc of a single core.Thats a basic idea without knowing everything else.Your home setup, what the rest of the machines in your network do. Without knowing your budget and needs. If you are truly bored kid/teenager sell it and spend the money on a skilled hooker. If you dont need it. If you want to keep it you should specify your interest and the budget you are willing to spend on extra pats, possibilities are endless .

I've been using it for compiling applications with little bit of overclocking. Got only 8 gigs of ram so that will be my next upgrade for this build.