What to do with a free Curved Ultrawide? It has a line of stuck pixels


So I recently got Dell to send me a new monitor since the current one has a line of stuck pixels (purple). They advanced replaced it but nothing in their emails says I have to send the old one back and the ticket is closed. I would like to keep the old monitor rather than sell it but I want to do anything I can to get rid of that single line of pixels.

Is there any DIY solution? or can I take it somewhere?

check if the ribbon cable from the panel to the control board is loose would be my first guess for a maybeeeeeeee diy fix but seems like panel defect which is 100% replace for most panels

Use a purple background colour and avoid the stuck pixels?

I would put on eBay for spares/repairs only and get rid. You have a new screen that works, move on :slight_smile:

What kind of monitor has the line of purple pixels?

You could try “pixel unsticker”, basically flash the screen in random colors as quickly as possible.
Here is one browser based version.

From my experience, DIY display repair is really hard to do even with great resources like iFixit. I’ve tried to repair 5 Laptop screens over the past few years on different models from lenovo yogabooks to basic HP laptops and each one was a drastically different experience. The TV repair store in my town now does a diagnostic to determine if it’s even worth their time trying to fix a TV or monitor.

give it to me

Ok I’ll give that a try.

It’s a AW3418HW

Is the line going top to bottom or left to right? Is it in the center of the screen or near one of the edges. It is a thick line or just 1 pixel?

I ask as if it is going top to bottom near an edge you could stand the monitor up and use it to read things.

It’s just a single line of pixels extending vertically. It’s about 1/3 into the screen.