What to do after you phisically build a computer i

sry noob question but wtf do i do in bios after i build my computer i know how to build and then after i finish the build i press the almighty power button and hopefully i get post and press the power button then bios wtf do i do from there ?

sry im noob my uncle never got around to showing me this but showed me how to build a computer and i live in nyc and hes all the way in florida (im not overclocking)

thanks for ur time guys

Well, you basically go into the bios, update it to the latest BiOS released, and enable or disable the things you need or do not need. Ie. In gigabyte boards, you need to enable USB mouse/keyboard compatibility, disable IDE controllers, allow FSB altering, etc. For you, just set up your boot order, and set it to like, CD, then HDD, then whatever else. And put the CD in your drive and reboot.


For sure.

how do i get the latest bios if there is no windows installed for me to connect to the internet what if the bios on the disk is outdated? is it easier than it seems or harder? it seems hard and what if im reusing a hard drive do i have to reinstall windows? is there a website or something u guys can direct me to lol sorry im soo noobs

Floppy Disk FTW!!!

go to the manufacturers website and download the latest bios onto a flash drive using this computer that you're viewing this thread in now. update bios from that. i dont think you should re-use an old harddrive...but if you do, even if you dont have to be prepared to format it.

[s]fash drive[/s] Floppy Disk

he probably doesn't have a floppy disk. flash drive works the same.

Don't you have that crazy Asus laptop? Find the BiOS update on the website if the manufacturer, download it, put it on a CD, floppy, or flash drive depending on the motherboard, and it should upload/upgrade it.

whats a floppy disk? lol jk

ok so i press the power button and then i just put insert my flash drive or do i have to do something in bios wtf why cant they come up with something esayier than bios =(

Yeah, but Flash drive BiOS updating as of now is only compatible with Gigabyte boards or boards which have Q-flash pre-installed on the board itself.

yah i have that laptop lol and after this bios headache i do what install window s and drivers ? im going to access bios on my computer right now and mess with it not going to touch anything just look at the stuff and stuff

do i need the latest bios cant i just use what the mother board comes with

It is safer to update your bios using floppy or CD than flash drive. Why? if your flash drive get disconnected, you will brick your motherboard. Just to be safe floppy or burn it into CD.

About downloading the latest BIOS, just go to your motherboard's manufacture website and download the bios.

Pretty much, just install Windows after getting all of your BiOS settings to your heart's content. If there's any problems, there should be a "Load Fail Safe or Default Settings" option on the main BiOS page. If your bios gets corrupt, just take out your motherboard's battery and it should reset after about 30 seconds. Certain people have a clear cmos button, which works as well, dual BiOS (which I love), but some need to move pins/jumpers. =[

what if i dont get a post beep lol?

basically make sure all the values are right, such as fsb and multiplier, etc

if you odnt have a floppy, make sure it doesnt think you do

and set the boot order

thats about it

dosnet seem hard i just dont know how to maneuver around bios cuz i dont know wtf all these options and things and i frea of fucking something up

Hmm, then try researching it a bit. Literally, the first time I built my computer, it was my first time in a BiOS, yet everything came pretty naturally. Certain/most boards have a description of what a certain function is on the right sidebar. Also, the manual can be your friend as well.