What to do after fresh build?

Hello everyone.

I am going to build a computer pretty soon(in couple of weeks)

I was wondering what should I do after a fresh build, OS & driver install?

Are there any stress test / software that would test if my precessor, hadrdrive, ram etc. is running OK and won't cause any problem in near future.

Please drop you suggestions below and also mention what it is for and how long should I run the test.

I won't be able to reply as I am off to a garage to get my car fixed and it would take quiet a while.

But I appreciate for all the replies.


After you've installed your OS. Download all the motherboard drivers , CPU drivers etc and your web browsers.

Download a program called CPU-Z , CoreTemp and Prime95. Prime95 puts your CPU cores on full load so you can check the temperatures in CoreTemp. I usually run mine for 45 minutes , it stays within 65 degrees (I use a h80i , i5 3570k is now at 4.4Ghz)

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