What to do after building the PC

Hello there fellow gereks;

So I'm building my first gaming pc and I already know how to hook up everything and choose my parts (Already done the latter, gonna buy everything on Friday). My question is fairly simple and I'm just checking if I'm correct, what do I need to do right after building the pc? Here's what I think I should do:
1.setup bios (did that before on my old laptop)

2.Setup windows

3.install motherboard drivers

4.gpu drivers

Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Thanks mates! :D 

I personally install windows without the ethernet cable plugged in, install the motherboard drivers starting with the chipset driver, then install my gpu driver. 

After that, I plug in my ethernet cable and install all windows updates until there are none left. Once that's all done, I like to take a system image so I can avoid all that work in the future if I ever need to format for some reason. 



I would benchmark, run stability tests, stresstest, check temps and make sure nothing is wrong.

And dont forget to use the latest drivers from the manufacturers website rather than the CDs that come with your mobo/gpu etc.

Let us know what parts you have in mind so we can critique yor build before you buy it.

The build isn't final as it depends on what parts I'm gonna find/be able to pay for but here's a basic outline:
CPU: AMD 6300
Motherboard: Some AM3+ motherboard, but idk yet
HDD: 1tb caviar blue + some old hdds
gpu: as expensive as i can pay but idk yet
case: Thermaltake A12 chaser

5. www.ninite.com

I love you.