What to do about my laptop

Yeah but I never set up my PXE server DX

Its up to date via windows updates on initial install by the store.


I’m gunna try another USB stick. W10 installed fine, but its blue screening. I think its the bad october update because its doing the same stuff that the oct update did on drop. Maybe I’ll use windows 8 instead? Or I’ll see if the USB sticks I have are the issue with linux (I have random problems with PNY products).

That’s not a good omen.

Windows doesn’t usually bluescreen out of the box.

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Its also windows.

True. But usually windows starts off okayish and goes downhill from there. I’ve never seen it start off awful.

I’ll be honest, this is normal to me. And I suspect I got a bad build off of their site.

I might still try windows 8 as thats the version of windows I like the most. But I’ll try some other stuff and post back.

Try 1709. It’s been really solid for me.

I’d you need it, I can upload it to a mirror later today.


I’‘m thinking I’ll stick to W8 actually, if I can’t get a linux to work. The USB stick mention has me worried. I’m using PNY to try and boot off of and I’ve never had good luck with PNY USB sticks. They’'re ok to store data, not so much with anything else. No data streaming, as it were.

Again, will post back about that.

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Well you choose to buy a laptop using closed source drivers.
here’s what linus had to say about nvidia.

[Insert link to actual thing here]

but if i were you id try installing ubuntu, run with the main stream kernel, and deal with the fact you chose to go nvidia, to atleast check the stability.

Look man, I tried to even get an oryx, went to order, order denied. And I’mmgetting tired of waiting for ret’rd amd to ship what they have.

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Possibly the wrong link there haha…

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Any BIOS updates? What about running the
OS from a different medium temporarily, or installing from another one?

Also, Blue screen outta the box is something I’ve seen several times straight from a OEM- its more likely windows.

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I have antergos installed without the nvidia driver. It seems fine. No crash or anything. But I had to let it sit for xmas so will let you know.

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its been running fine without the nvidia driver. I’ll figure that out tomorrow.


Goals today are a solid windows 8 install and a linux of some sort installed. I honestly don’t give a rip what linux it is. Then after its installed, I’ll configure it from usb to hopefully have the driver work correctly and all shall be well.


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Install mint


I have an older win 10 1607 or 1803 iso I can host for you. Legit from microshaft.

1607 preferably. Where’'d you host it?

Work nextcloud server. I’ll dm you the link.

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It’s super easy these days, basically you can use dnsmasq as a DHCP, DNS, and tftp server, and have it set a DHCP option pointing the laptop to load gpxelinux.0 over tftp. gpxelinux.0 comes with syslinux. Gpxelinux can load a config over tftp with an http url to a .iso that you can serve at full lan speed using e.g. darkhttpd or Python built in webserver, and can install whatever from there.

Show me your grub code …

I swear if your dont have the nouveau.modeset=0 flag enabled before installing the nvidia driver or as a part of the default config… LMAO … You will be banned for the lounge… JK JK but yeah its prolly a nouveau issue

Sometimes open source drivers update or nouveau updates and causes alot of issues… Whats your distro? Should be distro independent but you never know