What to choose?!?!?!

Alright so, this has been one of the most annoying weeks of my life because of these damn video cards!! I currently have 2 GTX 660 3GB cards in my system and am planning on selling them to get something better, I could probably get 500-600 off both cards. I was looking at the Gigabyte GV-N780GHZ-3GD and after taxes it adds up to $638.43 and was about to go for it but then came along the Gigabyte GV-N770WF3-4GD (There is also this one Gigabyte GV-N770OC-4GB, it's 14 dollars more but it seems to be the same exact thing as the other 770) which as you can see is a GTX 770 which adds up to $463.28. Most people would just go for the 780 and call it a day but the 770 has 4GB of memory, and is a lot cheaper, with close performance. I could get the 770 and overclock but I tried to overclock once and failed, so I gave up on that. I use my PC to record and edit videos, no 3D stuff, and right now I use a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, which I plan on adding another 1080 monitor or upgrading up to a single 2560x1440 monitor. Also I don't want to keep upgrading this damn PC, I've done it way too many times and I just want to finally throw in a damn GPU that I won't need to switch out for like another 5 years. I also would rather have 1 GPU instead of 2.

By the way I am in Canada so if you think I'm being ripped off... Well prices here are stupid!

the 4GB of DDR5 won't affect performance any more than 2GB will... if you're buying a 770 and don't plan to SLI in the near future a 4GB 770 is useless money down the toilet... get the 780...

of course you need to readjust your visuals at what you're going to get off the two 660's cause it won't be anything near $600... the 3GB model is $200-240 in the US brand new...you'd be lucky to get $150-170 a piece off them used... which puts you at 2 GB 770 range, and at that price point I'm not sure it's a big enough upgrade to qualify ditching them... cause I know 2 660's will game at ultra 1080p without a hiccup...

If you really want to improve your video editing add more ram or upgrade your CPU... if you want to consolidate to one video card, get a 2GB 770 or 3GB 780 (or if you can find one at a decent price, 280x, aftermarket 290)


I have a i5-3570K for the cpu and 16GB of RAM, as for the gtx 660's I made sure to be able to make around $500-600, they are very good cards and I have no issues with them, but I would rather have 1 GPU instead of 2 and something more "modern" I guess. When I first put together my PC I had no clue what I was doing, so I spent more money on everything else and a decent amount on the GPU. And of course the R9 cards are either out of stock or if they are in stock the 280X can cost just as much as a 780.

maybe prices are skewed a bit different in america's hat :P

if you can get 5-600 off those GPU's then do it and get a beast like a 780 for free... a 780'll chomp through 1440p till the next next gen games come out... however, you likely won't notice much of a difference really untill you plug in a 1440p monitor

I recently traded in my R9 280x Toxic for an EVGA 780 Classified... I can't visually tell the difference except in benchmarks but it blows it out of the water on those

just realize it will do nothing for your video processing... but an i7 would... if you wanted a big upgrade in video processing times... 

and make no mistake, a 780 blows 2 660's out of the water... you just won't really see it on 1080p because both should play at 60fps or so... and higher than that isn't really visually discernable

seriously though... if you can trade in 660 SLI for a 780 DO IT

Yea an i7 would be a lot better but I can't spend much money on this PC anymore lol and prices in Canada are so shit, but if I manage to get 5-600 off the 660's I will for sure get the 780, because a 1440 monitor would be great by now haha. Thanks for the help by the way!

Darn Canadian prices, always being higher than the US prices. :c

Check out the AnandTech GTX 770 Review. GTX 780 at stock speed is only a gain of 5-7 fps over GTX 770 @1440p

Sorry for the late reply, didnt have internet for like a week but damn man, this a tough decision, there is a huge price difference between both of these, and 5-10 fps sort of annoys me because I always want the best (Well there is the 780ti and the Titan but that shit is close to a grand or past it) according to the internet the 660s perform better but having one card is usually better because you wont have any extra heat and issues with SLI. I freakin paid $270 for the first 660 and $300 for the second... I feel so ripped off seeing as how a 770 is $400...