What to buy FarCry3 or ARMA3?

Sorry I know this sounds stupid because they are both different games however I am a young guy with no income. So I am on a tight budget. Do I buy the ARMA3 alpha for £ 20 or far cry 3 for £15 

Far Cry 3 definetly. You are getting one of the best games of 2012 and you are getting a FULL GAME not an alpha like with ARMA with all the glitches and bugs, and it is cheaper.

ill send you the arma 3 alpha lite key if you want one, my steam is jraftb


Do you think I can have one? I have never actually played ARMA.

buying ArmA III now gives you alpha access as well as the full game (at a cheaper price than at full release)


it really depends on what you want, ArmA III is a simulator, hard to get into, and best played with others (such as a clan, IMO)... if your into that then it would be the better buy

yea send me a freind request on steam and ill gift it jraftb is my steam name


I do play arma!! but I play on my own :( I will add you later on today

you should try joining a group, united operations (http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/index.html) has open events as well as MSO's which you may find more enjoyable

Just bought Arma 3, any one want to group up ( Europe )