What to build my pc on?

I have a bit of an odd question. I am about to build my first pc, I know that static electricity would be a bad thing so I have decided to build my pc on top of a wooden table while standing on a wooden floor to lessen the chance of static. But, I do not want to damage my table top, so here is my question. . .

Does anybody know a good insulator i could use as a cover to put on top of the table to protect it from scratches from the computer parts/case?

I know it is not technically an electronics question, but the table has the only area of floor that is not carpet. Any advice is appreciated.

use the cardboard packaging from the parts as a lining layer on your table, that will work, heck even the packaging from the case would do

use CHEESE! ... No, actually do it on top of the motherboard box... that's the best way! , put the motherboard on top of the box, and then install the ram and the CPU, then put it in the case and connect the rest of the components.. it's easy

I agree with everyone! It's a miracle, but, yeah. Cardboard shares the same principal as the reasoning behind building on a wooden table on non-carpeted flooring. Just occassionally touch something large, metal, and also sitting on the table/cardboard. The computer case is an excellent option. It will help to reduce the amount of overall static electricity that you have stored in your body by equalizing you with the component you are touching. Otherwise, anti-static straps can be as cheap as $5, and are pretty easy to use. Some just clip you to something metal, others will actually plug into the ground wire in a wall outlet. Either way...

Just don't build it on the carpet (physically on the carpet; you can be standing on one), or the exterior of an anti-static bag. The exterior of these are actually quite conductive, so you can fry your motherboard and other parts alon with it. +1 for the original motherboard or other cardboard box that is sturdy/large enough. I recommend your monitor box because they tend to be made out of thick cardboard.

Plug the PSU in the wall and use that as a ground by rubbing the PSU casing (of course don't plug in the cables to the parts while it is plugged in).

A big U-Haul box (or the like) makes a nice large work surface on kitchen tables, then you don't need to worry about something hiding underneath some other box lol.

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