What the hell is Bioware doing?

I'm really down about the lack of bioware games coming out, seriously the only thing i have to foward to is Dragon Age 3 which i hope is more like Dragon Age 1 than 2.

No News on a Mass effect and i don't care about multiplayer unless its coop multiplayer.

I would a like to see Jade Empire 2, however i think its dead sadly.

Anyway doesnt anyone else feel like theres nothing to look forward to.


Maybe there is nothing to look forward to from Bioware, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything to look forward to from the gaming industry.

You could use some retro time on your hands. I don't know what generation you are, but Retro Gaming strongly satisfies my thirst for gaming. I got MameUI with tons of ROMs, connected my netbook with a 42 inch plasma, 3 wireless controllers, and we kicked ass for weeks!

Don't expect too much from the AAA industry, they're not about to drop your jaw with their releases.

Didn't they say about a month ago that they are already developing the next Mass Effect? I know they definitely said that it won't involve Shepard and wil have a completely different story line. And yeah, Dragon Age 3 is coming. I hope it will retain the action aspect of the second plus the environment diversity of the first. I'm one of those weirdos who liked the second Dragon Age a lot more than the first one.

I would not expect too much out of Bioware in the future. ME3 felt like it had been rushed a great deal when I played it, and DE2 felt completely half assed. Sadly, it would seem that the same thing is happening to Bioware that has happened to every other studio under EA's controll.

takes a long time to develop a game. learn some patience. maybe go outside or something.

Yea i mean we don't see Elder Scrolls games for Years at a time and I'm ok with that.
BUTTT on the bright side EA just got lisenceing for Starwars games so please dear god Bioware make KOTOR 3 Or i will lose my mind.