What System Shock 2 or Banished?

I got these free through GOG fall sale but I already have them, going to try out Riddick soon. GOG gave me a code so I guess I can just message you the code. I only want to give one game per person. If there are issues redeeming the game let me know. I'll pick the first person that what each game. All I'm asking is for you to post what game you want, your system specs, and OS. These games are Windows Only, I haven't tried them using wine. Having Linux isn't going to disqualify you. Good Luck.

I played Banished years ago on OSX through wine, there were a few texture problems after a patch at one point, but it ran fine. I haven't tried it on Linux.

Good game, pretty challenging, I'd leave it running while making a coffee & come back to an apocalypse.

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