What ssd?

I have finally decided to upgrade my ssd boot drive.
I am currently running a crucial 64gb and only have a few MB left. I know I could have done better to not allow this but I want an upgrade anyway.
I want a 250gb+ but around £100.
So I have been looking at the Samsung 850 evo, 850 pro, crucial mx100 and I think it was adata sx series-cant quite remember.
I do like Kingston but not sure which one?
I am going to buy a 2tb WD black soon as my crappy 500gb is slowly dying... But that is next payday.
Thanks in advance!

For the price you have I would get the 850 Evo M.2 version as it's ridiculously fast. If your motherboard doesn't support M.2 or you don't have the available requirements just pick up the normal 850 Evo. I'll give you fair warning that the 850 Pro Series were being bricked a while back due to a bad firmware update.

SSD: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/samsung-internal-hard-drive-mzn5e250bw

Unfortunately I'm running Asus sabertooth 990fx which doesn't support M.2 :(
So you would say 850 evo over 850 pro?
What about mx100 and the others mentioned?

While the pro is faster than the evo I personally wouldn't want to take the risk knowing that it had a bad firmware update, but that's up for you to decide. The others are still nice but the evo is definitely the fastest with the exclusion of the pro so I would go with the evo or the pro.

I recommend Intel or Sandisk. Reliable brands.

Also you could try to look for a PCIe M.2 adapter if you want that über fast Samsung.

Hmmmm, good idea-could you post a link for a recommended adapter?
Had a quick look on Amazon and none of them look very legit lol

You'll be more than happy with the 850 Evo SATA, just make sure to download the Magician software and enable OS Optimization and RAPID mode. The Pro version is only marginally faster but can sustain more writes and has a 10 year warranty over the Evo's 5 year.

Here's a link to an adapter if you're interested in the M.2 SSD.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/ADDONICS-ADM2PX4-PCIE-SSD-4-LANE/dp/B00KDM75XK

The one @LinuxForYou linked seems good. The amazon page didn't have any pictures, so here's the product page with pictures/instructions:


It's PCIe x4 so there should be plenty of bandwidth as well.

Does RAPID only work on Pro models?

Decided to go for the 850 evo ssd this time.
Thanks for all your suggestions!

Samsung 850 hands down the best imho. Great migration software, Rapid mode, massive lifespans, high quality nand etc. No other ssd comes as such a complete package imho.