What speakers should I get

I am looking to build a pro audio system that "hopefully" will last a good many decades of entertainment. 

I need 4 speakers which can produce good base tones and high end treble with little to no noise distortion and can handle 1k watts a piece as I already have a hybrid amp/receiver that can deliver 1000 watts per channel, though I probably won;t ever need the max output of 1k watts per channel it is always nice to have. 

I have seen many speakers and they have wonderful ranger when Loud and horrible range when low volume. I want equally crisp clear low and high range sounds. When I game I want to fee like I am in the game, when I present and make vids I want the people listening to feel they are in the room with me. 


Note: It normally takes me 3-5 years to build a project because I only build with the best parts and the best products on the market my last pc build I built in 2005 and just recently upgraded and hell it can still keep up with the best PC's on the market, why replacing because I can;t buy the cpu anymore for it. 

So I want to know the best speakers for say $189.00-$300.00 a piece/pair I have some in mind but do not know if they will fit the picture of sound quality I am looking for. 



and FYI this is the amp I am using now 



any answers will be appreciated and will take all answers into consideration and research them to see who's product best meets my needs. 

thankyou for the help in advance. 



When you say "pro audio" what do you mean? By the look of the speakers you're talking about a stage show.

PS That amp can't possibly put out 1500 watts for more than a few miliseconds.

A high quality amp that can deliver 1000 watts (mono) looks like this: https://emotiva.com/products/amplifiers/xpa-1

It weighs 73 lbs and costs over $1k