What sort of USB hub do I need? External laptop Keyboard/Mouse?

Hello, question is pretty self explanatory.
I need a USB hub for my laptop to run an External keyboard and Mouse. ( 2.0 )
Encase it helps to know the power requirements, I'm using a Ttesports pro gaming keyboard and Razer Naga Epic mouse. I'm running a g74sx Asus laptop if that helps (two of the four usb ports have died T_T) of course it would just make sense for me to use the two current ports but I also have my iPhone and Razer Nostromo plugged into those, thus I need more room.

I require at least 2 more ports via said adapter. (also will it give me latency issues for my keyboard/mouse?)

Please post link to suggested adapters/hubs :)

-Thanks in advance

Any 4 port hut should work.  I have a cheap 2 dollar slim hub from china and I've never had a problem with power requirements.

Any hub will be fine.

A keyboard and a mouse will work on just about anything.They dont draw a lot of power, so any hub will work.

If you want to use external hard drives and devices that need more power, then I'd recommend getting a hub that comes with a plug to provide extra power.

Thanks guys :D

Any USB hub will work, if you need more POWER! Just get a hub with a power adapter



So what will happen when you plug a usb 3.0 into a usb 2.0 slot? If that does work doesn't that mean it will be at the 2.0 speed?


So who would recommend buying a cheep usb hub that was probably made in china?

I would. USB is fairly well understood by manufacturers, and even the cheap stuff tends to fairly reliable.

Just don't throw it or drop it.

Cool thanks.