What songs are important to you?

My life has been one of melancholy to say the least and I feel like my guts are spilling out when I listen to these songs. The first two simply describe life as a whole the latter two represent a darker turn in my life after losing the woman I was to marry.

What songs do you have the most powerful attachment to and why?
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I could hurt you right now.

this has given my life meaning

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dude play both those songs at once and they actually sound alright!

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take that jfing

This is how I feel when I wake up, and I don't even drink coffee..

I found this band from an intro song on an anime, they are not really metal..I don't know but they really affected me when I was deathly ill..Now I listen to them at least once a month and I like all their albums..RIP Kei

Edit: in before the nuke..

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Dub Fx is just the best

Yea ik greenday, but I love this live performance.

How about these 2 options; I can move this thread to the music generals forum; or I advise everyone to stay on topic?

On topic would be nice.. @jfing14 @Dynamic_Gravity i still love you though. also general music works :)

Edit: by on topic I had meant no more troll songs not strictly metal

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I like this one, the powerful music to me isn't metal.

German folklore does speak to my soul

OK, since we have different views, anyone else has a feedback of their own?

Up to soul tbh, just realized this was in the metal thread.

just go ahead and move it to general music and please let's leave the trololol and such out was meant to be a thread for music close to you

Why would you ask someone "what songs are powerful to you?? but then say they can only be my version of metal..You know led zeppelin and jimi and a bunch of other music that was metal is now considered rock..
You should have asked What metal songs are powerful to you?

Edit: Ok that makes sense..Thanks for making this thread Soul..Oh and the WOAH-OH-OH-AH-AH song was not a joke it can be some great stuff sometimes..