What some good two players

Wellp I gots me one of them that there steam decks so I figure get yourself a couple of gamepads and a usb-c dock and you got yourself a good time you can plug into whatever kinda display happens to be around. Now the question is that kinda setup your gonna wanna share so you need multiplayer titles, whats good out there? I liked "It takes two but I already know that one exists.

I kinda think this might be the wrong place to ask because well… but I assume some of you have at least one friend, lets see how this goes.

Okay some of these are definitely not new popular or known necessarily but I will note where I can what I can about the library I know I have that is local multiplayer.

All Zombies Must Die (isometric top down cartoon stylies twin stick co-op shooter)

Among us (you likely know)

Battle Block Theater (side scroller cartoon styled co op mild puzzle solver maze type thing, really fun)

Borderlands (with the caveat thaf it may not be all of them and you need to edit engine settings but the consoles have it and it is possible if you enjoy the game)

Burnout Paradise (pass the pad less version of the game but unique and fun if only for a short time, if you all like Burnout it is fun for a competitive blast)

Castle Crashers (same people as Battle Block different style, hack and slash scroller adventure)

Cuphead (Pretty sure this is local, great game eitherway)

Dont starve together (not sure if local)

Halo MCC

Hammerwatch (top down pixel style rogue like really fun)

Horizon turbo chace (outrun style racer but lap based)

Lethal League/LL Blaze (2d fighter but with base ball bats and the ball is the weapon, and the ball can break the sound barrier, lots of fun and really fast)

Magicka (not sure if local, either insane cluster or coordinated death ballet)

Monaco whats yours is mine (stylised 2d co op stealth heist game, lots of different roles fun story)

Nail’d (atv mx completely nuts racing game woth impossible jumps, dated and old and offline but still fun if you like that thing)

Nidhogg (2d fencing game, it is really fast fun, even as a decider between games or virtual rock paper sicssors)

Pac-Man Campionship edition (pretty sure that is local 2 player, pacman but fast and colourfun)

Portal 2

Retro Arch (not a game in itself but front end for various emulators which have lots of multiplayers gems)

Slipstream (classic outrun style)

Sonic Mania

Speedrunners (side scrolling racing platformer)

Stacking (maybe?)

Stardew valley (not sure if local)

Ultimate Chicken Horse (unique 2d side scroller puzzle competitive platformer racing game… Basically at the start you cant complete the level but you place platforms, but only you want to be able to win so you have to be crafty with the placement and traps… Evil fun)

Worms (pick one)

You dont know jack/Jackbox parties


Also for stuff beyomd what people know personally


It mostly depends on what kind of games you like to play, but Broforce and Door Kickers: Action Squad are two that my friend and I play frequently along with a plethora of sh’mups and beat 'em ups.

Going to the Steam website, you can go to Categories and click “Local & Party” like so:

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I’ve found “Golf With Your Friends” to be fun for local network play.

For a non-Steam Deck due to being Windows desktop only, Dangerous Waters is a fun real-time strategy game if you’re into the Cold War style of games one person can be the submarine and the other person is ASW(Frigate with an anti-sub helicopter or you drop sonobuoys from a P-3 Orion trying to triangulate the sub) and if the person who is the submarine manages to avoid being found it’ll run down the ~2hr scenario clock :grin:

TrackMania Nations Forever -Old game but the multiplayer is still fun after all these years.


Overcooked 1, Overcooked 2 and Moving Out! are great couch-coop for up to four players.

There is also Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur if you want some fun vs (or tag team vs computer) fun. Be aware most of those sell you half the game and then you need to pay for DLCs to get your fav characters though - I recommend buying on sale.

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Any of the lego games. Especially if player two (or either of you for that matter) is a casual gamer. They’re super accessible, enjoyable, little penalty for dying, etc.

The steamdeck is running PC games so most of them will not support split screen vs. the consoles - i know borderlands/borderlands 2 on console for example does split screen but PC version does not.

Also PC version of things like Diablo 2/3 support controller and split/same screen for multiplayer on consoles, but not on PC - at least D3 does not, not sure if D2 remastered does.


pretty good suggestions here and i did pick up a few of these titles I would like one a bit less button mashy though since one of my friends has wrist issues. I could try some of the borderlands titles and of course i already have portal 2