What smartphone should I get

Hello all you lovely people at Teksyndicate, I hope you all are having a most exquisite day today. I have to ask you, what smartphone should should I get??

I have been looking at the

-Nexus 4 (should I wait for 5?)

-Blackberry z10

-Ubuntu Edge

-Iphone 4s


I need the phone to be unlocked and relatively cheap (keep it under 600 usd please)

Thanks in advance guys!


Ubuntu edge, Htc One, OR Moto X. Do not get a iphone.

i'd like to recommend the edge if you consider

  • not shipping till may
  • more than just a phone
  • it's over budget
  • may lack mobile app support for awhile

otherwise a nexus 4 is great, cheap, and quite powerfull for the price, as for waiting for a new one i can't say, google just releasd a bunch of stuff today, so it might be awhile

The Edge will be over that price for sure. iPhone isn't bad choice but you look like a tool with one, unless you are a business person that needs the functions that BB provides don't get them. The nexus is probably the best choice, and yes if you can wait, always wait for the next gen of any technology.

Okay, Ill probably end up picking up a new nexus 4 then. I would get the edge but time is an issue, and the sooner I get the phone the better. Thanks for the input guys!