What smartphone do you have?

I am very interessted in buying a new smartphone and would like to know, wich ones you guys got and why.


I was thinking about Samsungs Galaxy S4,
Nexus 4 (programmability, but some kind of weird)
or HTC ONE  (maybe also ONE X/+) 

Oppo Find 5


Bought it over the S4 and HTC One because it has similar specs to those two but it has an amazing build, subtle but unique design, and the phone tends to stand out as there aren't many people who even heard of the company.

LG Optimus G Pro

GS4 specs in large 5.5" 1080P display and good battery life ( LTE all day)

im thinking of buying the lenovo k900 intel chipset  good low light camera

international galaxy s3

Hurr-durr Nokia Lumia 620.


I like Windows Phone 8 and smaller phones. 

Droid DNA

That's a good option too, but I don't find any retailer in germany having it.

That's so sad. :( 

I have the droid razr M but I think the nexus is really cool


IBM Simon.

I have the Droid Razr Maxx; that two-three day battery lifestyle.

Galaxy Nexus running CM10.1 and Franco Kernel.  I was looking at the GS4 or the One, but I really want to see what the next nexus will be before I make any decisions.

Xperia Z - water and dust resistant, dragontail glass, 13.1 MP camera, 1080p screen, NFC - does eveything I want a phone to do.


HTC Sensation XE