What should i upgrade?

Ok i have a 

i5 - 2400

550 ti evga fpb

ecs h61h2 m2

320 gigs sata2

8 gigs 1333 ddr3

1680 x 1050 monitor 

i was thinking about getting a 650 ti ssc evga ,  i usually play bf3 , day z and lol 

does the i5-2400 bottleneck the video card? or the card bottlenecks?


I would say get an SSD or maybe a new motherboard and CPU. 

your i5 2400 WILL NOT bottle neck the gtx 650, infact if you have a little extra grab a gtx 660. you might start bottlenecking in higher end cards, but it would be very minor, and it would have to be like a gtx 690, maybe 680 but i still think your fine with a 680.

and the motherboard could be a little nicer but as long as it holds up you'll be fine.

The 650ti is an improvement on the 550ti but not by a huge ammount. An SSD will only help with load times and file transfer times, it has little effect on gaming (bar loading intervals).

You might be able to get a 3rd generation i5 if you have the second revision of that motherboard.

If you just wanting a bit more FPS then perhaps the graphics card and some 1600mhz ram but to be fair if the PC is doing what you want right now i would save up that cash for the next lot of CPUs.

thanks for all the answers , i was thinking about holding till haswell arrives to change cpu, do u know something about the prices of the new gen?

maybe a 7850 or if you can get a 7870 even beter.

A 560ti. It's a no brainer, you can find a used/refurb for around the same as a 650ti, but the 560ti competes with all the midrange GPUs from this generation,

If you can, try to get a 7870. It's a great card for the price, and will play almost anything you throw at it at max settings at 1080p.

i would love to have a 560 , 7870  or a 7850 the issue is that i have a 430 watts thermatalke psu

i regret about this , i can find really cheap used psus