What should I upgrade first?

My Specs:

Processor: Intel 3570k - Overclocked to 4.5GHZ

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

CPU Cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 High Performance CPU Cooler

Graphics Card: Saphire 7970 OC edition

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 1600MHz RAM Memory (2x4GB)

Case: Corsair Carbide 300R

Monitors: 2 x LG E2251 (Both running Dvi)

PCIE Cards: Avermedia Live Gamer HD

                    Asus Xonar 5.1 Sound Card (With Headphone Amp)

Hard Drives: 1TB Hitachi

                     500gb Hardrive (Ancient)

OS: Windows 8 Pro


With the case it works, and i like how it looks - not too flash-y


What is the best upgrade

It looks pretty good to me, but you need to downgrade to windows 7, windows 8 blows unless you really like it. I'm just saying what I think.

I can not see anything really worth upgrading except maybe adding a SSD, everything else is plenty for just about everything. It is a monster of a system.

Is the CPU cooler worth upgrading. I was think H100i or similar. 

I'm happy with windows 8, I like to have all my games pinned with pretty pictures on the Not Metro UI

Wait do you already own this system and just need suggestions or youre about to buy all these parts?

I own them, and I'm looking for an upgrade. I am one of those people who constantly want more and more :p

Ahhhh  very nice! You can definitely upgrade the cooler if you want, but you are ultimately just polishing an already solid setup. Have you considered getting into case modding? 

Not really. What mods could I do, or where do I find ideas. I have seen a few like the one inside a desk! Any good sites?

Go to google images and write "case mods" you will see an ocean of what you can do, it really is overwhelming.


im gonna agree with everyone else and say you got a pretty dam solid build their, but going to 2400mhz 2x4gb kit would do you so much justice dude, and even a pci.e x4 ssd (just cause it shits on sata) don't see any point in a cooling upgrade considering your already running a pretty boss system on a 4.5ghz  oc

You should get a bunch of LeD strips and put them all inside your computer and desk and when you turn the lights off at night, your desk will look amazing.

Id Buy an SSD with a min of 128GB to put the OS/Appliactions on, will signifigantly improve boot times and the overall snappieness of the system. 

An SSD will definitley help. I would probably grab a better CPU cooler as well.

The SSD will open a whole new dimension of performance. Maybe some nicer monitors as well ?

SSD or two in raid 0 help lot with capasity and read and write speed, Liquid cooling block for your cpu something like Corsair H100i or H80i for more silence and finally going with crossfire ofcourse if you have PSU big enough for that. Going with i7 for faster video rendering speeds or something like that but not worth of cost you the computer is for gaming only.