What should i update

Ok so i can only update 1 for sure, i have a fx 4100 cpu and a gtx 550ti( there both old ik) i was thinking of updating the 550ti to a 7970 oc then updating my cpu to a 6300(because my mobo can only have a 95w tdp cpu) would this be the correct way of going about it, there wouldn't be any noticeable bottleneck?

get the 7970, if you want to eliminate any bottleneck (there shouldn't be any in most games) just overclock the 4100 a bit, i've heard 4100s oc like crazy

 I would say in some games there might be some bottle necking not a whole bunch my 560ti was bottlenecked a bit by my phenom II x4 925 not alot tho. i would go with the 7970 but you do need a cpu upgrade moving forward

if you wanna play games, i would go for the gpu, 7970 is great but 280x is the same cart and maybe cheaper because they don't make it anymore. im gonna buy the 280x windforce or the toxic. windforce is a bit cheaper but sapphire toxic is better for overclocking.


if your an editer or not a gamer thang go upgrade the cpu but the cpu u have now is still good.


maybe upgrade your mobo? and overclock your cpu a bit. do you have a aftermarket cpu cooler?

i only have the stock heat sink i wouldn't want to risk the heat, the fans already at full speed, its so loud and oc'ed it would just piss me right off, but do you think the 7970's going to be much different than the 7950, theres only like a £50 difference or should i just save £50 and get the 7950?

stock cooler, and i cant change my mobo, locked into oem windows, and yeah but isent the 280x just the 7970 re branded, i heard its exactly the same performance?

yeah, do you know of any better amd cpus thats TDP isent higher than 95w?

the 280x has the mantle stuff. i don't know if you can overclock with ur board and how far you can go. i should buy a aftermarket. hyper 212 is good and 30$. than overclock a bit and than instead of a 7970, buy a 7950. if you can overclock it to 4.2-4.4. it is worth it to buy a 7970.


http://gyazo.com/7774258142ad2d43bfa18434d1d995cf is that better and possibly a hyper 212 evo?

The HD7000 series is also compatible with mantle,as it also uses the GCN architecture that's in the R7-9 series.