What should I name my tek channel for youtube?

Im making a youtube channel kinda like yours but i need a cool name idea from you guys :( could really use your help... and end your answer with a threat please!!!

Tek Drixrane


TechByDrix or I give a cat a bath in whip cream and then launch it from a catapult built out of graphics cards, at you one day while you are on a morning walk. 

I vote for the second option lol +1

@jetix: no offense, but techbydrix sounds more like an aftershave. :)

+1 for DrixTech

a threat please!!! :)

it seems like we are going with drix tech then lol. 

thanks for you input guys, the channel is up and ready, my first video will be up soon hopefully, please subscribe to it :D http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIPdCblNwuksi40ZQhZsOZw

The Kek