What should I look for in surround sound speakers?

I understand what is does but what makes it special? What should I look for when buying surround sound speakers for a home theater? Of coarse something reasonably priced.

I'm inexperienced in this subject so please list some examples.

First of all, what are you going to connect it to? Computer sound card or do you have a receiver of some sort? Also something you should realize is that many of the sources we listen to are stereo (music as an example), meaning that it's through digital sound processing the "surround" sound is achieved.

"Reasonably priced" is also extremely subjective when it comes to sound, and especially setups with multiple speakers. If you asked for a reasonably priced 5.1 setup on an enthusiast forum like AVSforums you'd probably get recommendations on 500$-1000$, and that's without a receiver.