What should i know before i start twitch?

To all who twitch, What should i know? How do the donations work? Do i need a paypal? and is @wendell willing to explain?

setup a paypal
through paypal you can make a button that links to your paypal to just paste onto your page

I would take certain precautions in advance. Keep in mind that swating is a thing.

Invest in a good microphone. Even mediocre video with good audio is acceptable. Sometimes I pay more attention to the audio than the video.

AudioTechnica makes a microphone with both USB and XLR connections for $80. I don't own one, but I've heard nothing but good things about it, and the idea of having XLR+USB on the same mic means if you later expand to a fancier audio setup, you don't have to throw away that mic.

IMO, you need a multi monitor setup or an extra laptop to monitor chat.

Then when you pick the game, make sure it's something that isn't super saturated with other broadcasters, and it's also something you want to play.

Also, engage with the audience, be yourself, and don't try to create a caricature of somebody else that other people might want to see.

I feel like others are attracted to genuine people.

Also, if you have a thing that other people don't have, it's a big plus.

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You can setup a donation page, link, and alerts system that works with OBS and other streaming programs via 'twitch alerts.' Its free and pretty simple to setup.

You can monitor chat with two screens, however you will need a cam/mic to respond to chat without window switching.

What is swatting?

Having a SWAT team storm your house, usually due to either doxxing or giving out home address like an idiot.

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lesson number one. Don't pull a logan.


Should i use a vpn lol

The IP addresses obtained through a VPN are usually banned or very limited on these big websites.

You spin up a droplet and route traffic from it to various streaming sites.

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Donation charge-backs.

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You can if you want.

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Livestreaming fulltime is a much more difficult and stressful thing than it is to do Youtube full time. Unless you've started either I don't see why you're still fooling with these topics, the best way to fail is to not start in the first place.

Good practices

Avoiding using Skype while being a streamer, you can disable the ability for people to publicly resolve your IP but they just as much as friend you on Skype it's still completely possible, Skype is pretty garbage anyways. Do not masturbate in front of your webcam just before a stream not knowing the stream was already live. Do not have your dog hump things in the background of your stream while paying no attention at all. If you're going to be doing things such as signing into or checking social media or have any form of sensitive information up on the machine to plan to stream from, it's recommended you either have good discipline not to show things you do not intent to show, or just do such things on a laptop or separate device, the odds are someone is likely recording your stream. Careful which games you stream from, a lot of multiplayer games if you're hosting the game from your local network will typically expose your IP. DDoS incoming to your home network. Get good, not ban happy moderators that you can trust and monitor what they're doing from time to time, have basic but vague rules, if you get too detailed on them people will just be smart asses. Be wary of anything anyone sends you in private message. Click links you know you can trust.

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You should've condense this into: "Follow the fucking rules" with Twitch. And you don't have to be too graphic with this. Plus, that fail thing is wrong. The best way to fail is to NOT plan how to do something at all while rushing to it anyway. While livestreaming on Twitch is no different from YouTube unless you're prerecording for the latter. And that's not even touching the software issues with YouTube anyway...

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I'm not referring to live streaming to Youtube, he has a separate topic where he wants to also upload Youtube videos, and yes the best way to fail is to not start in the first place, you can start a channel with low quality content and work your way up in improving the quality, you don't need to start with a workstation style setup and professional equipment.

Half of the things I stated are not in the Twitch rules, I'm just stating some common sense so he's not being brought offline from making dumb mistakes that are actually very commonly made on Twitch even by "professional" streamers, which it was important to let him know if he didn't even understand what swatting was.

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Guess we have to agree to disagree...

I feel like some of them do it on purpose, lel

If he doesn't know that then he probably doesn't know the alt-tab thing that many streamers do.

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I just wanna be aware before i start fuckin around with throwing my banking info on twitch.

True it is. I just tried setting up a google account through tor ( LOL )