What should i get i7 or game capture card

Hi forum I'm in a situation I need some help deciding of getting a capture card for streaming or buying a new processor I currently have a 2500k oc at 4.3ghz and a gtx 970 I try to stream newer titles like dying light my cpu usage is maxed 100 percent which leads to streaming lagging and choppiness I been looking at the new razer ripsaw game capture card or the elgato hd60s or elgato pci-e card hd 60 pro for streaming my games what should I do?

If you plan to make a living off of it like on Youtube or Twitch, or just entertain people in general I'd say capture card. If it's just for casual streaming then just lower your settings for streaming and get and i7.

What are your stream settings? The 970 should be able to take most of the load off the CPU if you use Shadowplay or properly configure OBS to use the Nvidia NVENC H. 264 Encoder.

idk the best settings to use for obs you have settings that will work without much cpu usage being used?

thanks bro

correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that capture cards dont actually encode the video. I thought they just presented a way for the computer to capture the video signal through hardware instead of software
so, if you were using 2 computers, a capture card would help and be necessary, but for one rig I dont think they help at all
I could be quite wrong here though

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