What should I buy with $500?

So I will be getting around $400-$500 for my birthday and I want to get something nice. I just recently built a new PC and I also want a nice DSLR camera for recording video.

PC Specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rzPM


So what would be some cheap, yet worth it upgrades, or what would be some good DSLR cameras?


buy a custom water cooling loop and overclock the nuts of your cpu, heck even grab an extra gpu aswell for crossfire

So I could get custom water cooling for under $200? Also I couldnt get another 7870 and that for $500 i don't believe...

how about a large TV. 

Got a 42"



what's there not to beleive? :)

Just a suggestion, but a solid state drive for your OS and a few of your favorite programs would make your rig noticably faster, but only if you would be willing to re install you're OS and stuff, (Might be too much of a pain).