What Should I Build? (Much help needed)

Hello all, I'm new to posting on the forum but have watched/read enough to see this is a very insightful community and for that reason I would be stupid not to get some advice from it. Let me first add that I know for the most of you this section of the forums gets rather repetitive, tedious, and tiresome dealing with people who lack sufficient knowledge on the subject to offer anything more than sentences ending in a question mark. Sadly, I more likely than not will be another PC noob going through the ropes needing patience and understanding. The last part was a joke, but I do ask you offer some explanations to things that go over my head. For starters my intentions are for general web browsing, possibly blue ray, and definitely gaming.

For 10+ years I have played on PlayStation's and Xbox's. A large proportion of my gaming has become sim racing which isn't really offered on the consoled in full to begin with. If I were to race on the new consoles a replacement for my current wheel and pedal set would be necessary. Considering that would cost 500 for little to no gain in performance I think I'll pass. Besides I love all kind of games that only get better with upgrading to PC. So here I am switching to the master race so I can spend money on products that make a difference lol. Thanks for reading this far and now for the info check list!

Budget- 1750-2000 USD range (will go over if the bang for your buck is worth it)

Retailer Preference- None really, but I'm curious as to why I hear a lot about intel being the better building platform?

What I will be using- Astro A40 headset, wheel, pedals, buttkicker, and my Panasonic 55vt30 as a monitor until I move on to triples.

Needed Peripherals- Keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and depending upon further advice a sound card. I should also note that I will be playing in my living room so any tips on a movable keyboard tray would help. Please inform me of things I should also look into!

PC Usage- Gaming, blue ray, and basic stuff lol.

Overclocking- Would like to in the future but wouldn't trust myself to it right away.

Custom Watercooling- Possible if it's worth it

OS- I need one

Graphics and game types- I love graphics so by all means the best I can get! For games BF4, Skyrim, Fallout, Arma, Assetto Corsa, F1 2013, and a bunch of other titles. Mainly AAA titles as you call them.

Rendering- Nope. just the occasional photo edit here and there.

Kinds of Peripherals- I don't have much experience with key board and mouse gaming so keep that in mind. I don't play huge strategy games that need multiple buttons on a mouse either.

I-5 5470k

asus sabertooth z87 mobo

Nvidia GTX 780 or the AMD r9 290

8g's of ram with a cL 9 or better with speed of 1600 or faster

min of a 750 watt psu with a rating of gold or better

Samsung 840 evo 120 g ssd for os and some games

1T hdd for mass storage

win 7 HP or pro, better overall for gamers who dislike win8 for a number of reasons.

case is up to you with what you want so long as it supports full ATX boards.

go with at least a H80 from corshair or the 212 evo air cooler.

in the ball park of about 1700 if you get the black friday deals


overall it will destroy most games at ultra @ 1080p

Those closed loop liquid coolers are poo. You can be justified for buying one if it comes with a 240mm radiator but one with a 120mm one? Any good air cooler would be better and less expensive.


What changes should I make if any to the build if I want to go with a 290x? It would be great to have something top notch to last but still have high level parts that can make future upgrades like another GPU for triples etc. Thank you both for chiming in!

None really, 750W are enough.

A bronze certified PSU would be just as good though, not sure why spartankill says gold or better. Unless you want to save a bit on your electricity bill lol.

Edit: I would get the ASUS HERO instead, you'd be paying for looks should you decide for the sabertooth one.

I would also get the SSDNow V300 by Kingston, I've been suggesting this SSD so often now XD I'm just very happy with it, have two on RAID0 and they were really cheap.

Could you pump out a build on pcpartpicker for around 2k with some solid parts? I would like to have it all in a form I could buy from and I failed to find the mobo that was recommended on the build site.

A LGA2011 build would be appropriate for you budget.  Unfortunately, I'm not the person to go to for that type of build.

LGA1150 Build(probably could get better for the money, but this'll be a decent base build):


I like it.

bronze certified isn't really the best if you plan on running top line cards. silver rated for the min and gold to be in the true safe zone

I'm honestly NOT bashing Windows, but just my. personal. preference. is that Ubuntu 13.10 or whatever's newest by the time you read this would be my optimal OS.I don't like where Windows OS's are going, so I've recently switched over to Linux. Also, more and more hardware is being supported by Linux, and it's lightning fast. If I were you, I'd use Ubuntu or Xubuntu, but that, is just me. :)

If you're a PC "noob," then you might want to consider a PCI-e everything (including but not limited to a PCI-e motherboard, GPU, fancy sound card). Also, people are saying Bronze+ or Gold+. Bronze would be sufficient in this price range, but if you're gong to be using nicer components in the future and/or pushing this computer to its limits, then a Silver+ would work. Next, a Gold+ is for the best to have the peace of mind knowing that your power supply will not fry anything, it'll cost a little less in the long run because of electricity bills (but not by much; a few bucks a month). And if you're super nooby, then I would recommend a semi-modular PSU because you can put together everything you need from it, and you won't be limited to the cables that come with a non-modular.

Is it possible to have a build with a 780 ti in it around the 2000 mark without a bad compromise elsewhere? I ask cause on black friday and cyber monday I will be deal hunting and who knows maybe they will knock the price down a bit. Even if they don't I still have to think about it.

In all honesty, I really can't give you a concrete answer. I'm sure some of the other awesome peeps on le forum would be able to help, but if you haven't ordered ANY parts, you could probably squeeze a 780ti into this build if you buy ERR'THANG on Black Friday, haha. I mean, if everything is on sale for at least 10% off or something, you could probably do it (but if I were you, I'd consider getting some of these and hooking them up in crossfire)


This will only be 2/3 the price, you get 2 GPU's. But GPU vs GPU, the 780 ti absolutely crushes any and everything, but having two GPU's splitting the load which are already pretty damn fast on their own... Me personally, I'd get the crossfire and not the bajillion dollar new Nvidia. But that's just me

I mocked up something on pcpartpicker that I stole from custompcreview that had a best for under 2000 build. It would be great if I could get some questions answered on a few of my concerns.

- Is there a better mobo I should go with like the asus sabertooth z87, ASUS HERO, or MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming that were recommended by some helpful posts? What are some of the basic pro's and cons to those options?

-Would the airflow be worth the purchase of a full tower considering my build? Should I go with a mid tower case if I plan on going 2 GPUs and some extra fans at some point?

-Any suggestions for and better parts in exchange for what is found in my build? Right now I am in the final day or so of tweaking and would like more options to consider so I may be more confident in my purchases.

-Again I ask if the 780ti would have any bottleneck problems with this build or still fit in just fine? The card is probably to appealing to me lol.