What should be my next upgrade?

What should be my next upgrade, don't worry about peripherals, I have them covered. Roughly a budget of $240.

Current specs:

CPU: fx-8350


CPU cooler: Dark knight night hawk edition II

 GPU: R HD 7870

 8gb kingston hyperx ram at 1600 mhz

 Mobo: MSI 970a-g46

 Storage: 120gb SSD + 1tb WD green HDD


Asus CD/DVD reader

Case: Bitfenix Ronin

600w coolmax bronze certified PSU


Any parts that i should upgrade first? Also, a valid recommendation would be save my money for "insert part here".


Dude, get you a Crosshairs V...  and OC THAT SHIT TO HELL!!!

Its sad to see such a great setup with such a lousy mobo...  Please do-et!