What settings can my rig handle 4k on?

Hey guys I just purchased a Samsung 28" 4k Monitor and a Samsung 60" 4k TV for gaming. I am intending to use the 28" for games like World of Warcraft and the 60" TV for everything else (like a console). I am wondering what settings would I have to change in order to make all this playable at a smooth experience?

My rig is as follows:
R9 280x

And so on...

Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

No GPU does 4K on Ultra VERY well. that being said you MIGHT get low settings if it is playable at all and MAYBE medium on the least demanding games. everything turned down and AA off you could expect 30 fps or less.

You might be able to run some indie games at 4k with that.

Otherwise you'll want like dual 390s at minimum

Can I turn 4k off? LOL. I know that sounds like a stupid question but I cannot afford another graphics card at the moment. Any suggestions?

I wish people would stop saying things like this. It entirely depends on the game.

There are plenty of games that can run at UHD with max settings.

But you could afford 2 4k displays?

Ya, you can just run games full screen 1080p

Yeah I know it sounds a bit weird, I got my 4k displays on interest free LOL.

So do just play on normal 1080p would I just use a standard HDMI cable?

280X is fairly nice GPU... My humble advice to you... On 4K screen 1080p looks just great. You will get much better experience running 1080p on max settings instead of 4K on low or medium... And since 4K is exactly 4 times 1080p there will be no loss in visual quality and fidelity what so ever...

Thanks psycho_666 music to my ears :) I know this is a really stupid question, but how do I play it on 1080p instead of 4k?

You just change the resolution in your game's settings...

absolutely right, pong would be very doable at 4k....possibly even pac man. what else? hmm dig dug at 4k yeah...there are a ton of games it can do at 4k with high settings.

If we look at the 280X results, they are not that bad... If he lowers the settings a bit he may come pretty close to 60 on some of them... And they are not pacman or pong...
Is it great? Hell no... Crysis 3 runs with less than 20fps, so 1080 is much better on 4K screen, but there are a lot of games, that can run on medium/high just fine on 4K with 280X...

You know, You are right, I apologize to any that were offended. I took my personal frustration out on someone undeserving, and the OP has my apologies.

You don't have to be an arse about it. I've played a good few games over 3x 2560*1440 displays on a 6950 and they managed reasonably well. UHD is a bit less demanding than that.

I was genuinely apologizing.

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